Monday, August 31, 2009

Needles Highway, SD

We started out on the Needles Highway at the Needles Eye

Looking at this formation you can see why it’s called the Needles Eye.
Next problem, to get our 8ft wide truck thru thru 8ft 4in wide tunnel.

These are the Cathedral Spires.

Purple Pie Place, Custer SD

We stopped for lunch at the Purple Pie Place, it’s a neat little restaurant located in the city of Custer. We had
the lunch specials BLT’s and Roast Beef Au Jus!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mammoth Site, Hot Springs SD

The Mammoth Site is one of the largest concentrations of Woolly and Columbian Mammoths. Scientists estimate that more than 100 mammoths are accumulated here. Since its discovery in 1974, the scientists have discovered the remains of 58 mammoths that include 55 Columbian and 3 Woolly mammoths. The skeletons have been found in a prehistoric sinkhole filled with water, which lured the huge mammoths to drink and feed on vegetation. Once in the water, they could not get up the slippery, steep incline.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Old McDonalds Farm, E I E I O……

We visited Old McDonalds farm. Here is Jordyn chasing a chicken while it’s chasing Robbie.

The kids got to go on a pony ride, Robbie rode Chief and Jordyn rode on Bright Eyes.

Jordyn made friends with this 5 month old 400 pound calf named Charlotte. She talked and petted her so much the calf went to sleep in her lap.

We finished the day at the pig races.

Hill City and The Alpine Inn

This is downtown Hill City, all 3 blocks of it. This is the closest city we can get to in under and hour.

Below is the Exxon we do laundry at, besides having gas they also have a casino. We’ve noticed the just about every establishment here has a casino. Even check cashing stores! Go figure.

We came down to try the famous Alpine Inn. They only serve filet mignon for dinner, a large and a small for $8.95 & $10.95 with a wedge of lettuce, baked potato and toast. The prices definitely draw in the crowds, but it’s the 40 different deserts that really pull people in.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Custer State Park, SD

We headed to Custer State Park to try and see the wild Buffalo. The drive in is very scenic on a winding road. There are lots of bridges and narrow tunnels.

At this over look you can get a good view of the whole Mt Rushmore cravings and complex.

We finally found the Buffalo grazing in one of the prairies.

These are the begging burros!