Sunday, June 5, 2011

Virginia Air and Space Center, Hampton VA

The Virginia Air and Space Center is a museum and educational facility in Hampton, Virginia that also serves as the visitor’s center for NASA's Langley Research Center. The museum's permanent collection is housed in a three-story glass atrium accessible from two exhibit floors with an additional catwalk level available for viewing suspended aircraft from above. Volunteers maintain an amateur radio exhibit displaying modern and historic radio equipment. The exhibit also participates in the Space Amateur Radio Experiment where visitors can periodically talk to astronauts aboard the International Space Station.

They have a full passenger jet you can play in. The kids practiced take offs and landings for hours!

The flight simulator! Robbie couldn’t wait to get in here. You get to fly a fighter jet on a mission. The simulator can climb, roll and do loops... Yes loops! We (aka Maverick and Goose, you have to have code names!) started our mission to destroy the enemy air and ground targets. We fought the enemy and won, but not after a couple of tricky inverted air maneuvers!