Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Holiday Travel Park - Virginia Beach, Virginia

We are staying here in the Holiday Travel Park in Virginia Beach. It’s a good base location to visit family and friends. It’s still raining every other day it seems. April showers I guess bring Stafford’s? :) Here is a look around the campground, this is resort camping not rural country camping like we prefer.

One of the 4 playgrounds, they also have 4 pools, but they are not open yet.

Putt-Putt golf

Drift wood arch

This laundry room had a really cool theme and paint job! We’ve found the more entertaining the laundry room the faster it makes the time go by.

The campground hosted an Easter egg hunt and hay ride. The kids had fun and found plenty of candy!

Hay Ride
Here is my dad (Sr.), Me (Jr.) and little Robbie (the III). We just came back from Davenport’s Barber shop in Ocean View. Hubert has been cutting Stafford hair for 4 decades!
Here’s my mom, Jane and Jordyn.

This campground is located next to Oceana Naval Air Station, so we get a free air show everyday! Little Robbie loves it, Jordyn's not to thrilled about all the noise. We tell her it’s a small price to pay for freedom!

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