Saturday, February 6, 2010

Wheel of Fortune!!!!

We got the chance to be in the audience for 3 Wheel of Fortune shows at Sony studio’s in Culver City. The first show airs 4/16/2010 and you can see Robbie sitting next to the winning contestant’s family. The second show airs 5/6/2010 and you can see all of us behind the winning contestant’s family. The final show airs 5/7/2010 and you can see Jordyn, Jane & Robbie next to the winning contestant’s fiancé. From what we could tell from the tapings our appearances will be near the end of the shows, when the winner spins the prize wheel and introduces their family.

This is the only photo we have from the studio, because they do not allow you to take cameras inside. Even if you try to sneak them in, believe you me!

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  1. How cool! We'll have to DVR thos episodes so we don't miss it! :-)