Friday, May 28, 2010

Slide Rock State Park, Arizona

The park is named after the famous Slide Rock, a stretch of slippery creek bottom adjacent to the homestead. Visitors may slide down a slick natural water chute or wade and sun along the creek.

Originally the Pendley Homestead, is a 43-acre historic apple farm located in Oak Creek Canyon. Frank L. Pendley, having arrived in the canyon in 1907, formally acquired the land under the Homestead Act in 1910. Due to his pioneering innovation, he succeeded where others failed by establishing a unique irrigation system still in use by the park today. This allowed Pendley to plant his first apple orchard in 1912, beginning the pattern of agricultural development that has dominated the site since that time. Pendley also grew garden produce and kept some livestock.

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  1. I laugh whenever I see your posts recently, you're going everywhere we did...2 months ago! We're in Oregon right now and it just started snowing (nr Crater Lake). The volume of water at Slide Rock has lessened somewhat since we were there - snowmelt was in full effect and our kids still went in! You can actually see the slide in your pics, not so back at the end of March.
    Enjoying your posts....
    Ali (touringbrits.blogspot)