Friday, July 16, 2010

Antelope Island, Salt Lake City Utah

Antelope Island State Park, the largest island in the Great Salt Lake, is home to a roaming herd of 500 bison. Pronghorn and bighorn sheep also share the rangelands that overlook the desert lake.

This Bison decided to sit and watch us!

Fielding Garr Ranch

Our little cow hands learning to rope.

The salinity of Great Salt Lake is highly variable and depends on the lake's level, it ranges from 5 to 27%. For comparison, the average salinity of an ocean is 3.5%.
What does all that mean? You can float without holding your breath or swimming!! Cooool!!

They don't mess around here in Utah, when you need to go somewhere you can get there fast!

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  1. My son was just out there with his dad last week for his first scout was super windy and they ended up sleeping in the car instead of the tent. lol Glad you guys got to enjoy our lake and island...happy travels!

    Pura Vida!
    Danni (Mrs. C)