Sunday, April 12, 2015

I’m so happy I wet my plants!

It’s time to start the garden!! We’ve been cultivating compost and chicken poop into the garden over the winter. Now it’s time to start planting. We’re doing boxes and steel rings this year to try and cut down on all the weeding. The boxes we’re making from wooden pallets we get for free from businesses, we also picked up some steel 55 gallon drums and cut them into rings. We can get 6 rings per drum. This is the first round of planting, we'll add more each week.
These are for the corn, we planted 24 per box.
Okra will be here, 5 per box
Sugar snap peas here, 12 per ring. We used tomato cages for the peas to grow up. Once the weather gets hot these will die off.
Last year the bugs, tomato worms and stink bugs really took their toll on the garden! We didn’t want to use pesticides, but we didn’t seem to have much of a choice! This year is going to be different, now that we have been using Young Living Essential Oils on us we’re going to start using them on our plants. We really don’t like the idea of putting poison on our food. This blend of Essential Oils will do the job for us! No more poison on our veggies.

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