Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ponca State Park, Ponca Nebraska

There are miles and miles of fields here for farming and the trucks and trackers to go with it.

We made it to Ponca State Park, it’s located on the Missouri River and is part of the Lewis & Clark Trail.

This is the Missouri River looking into South Dakota & Iowa

Here we are at the Towers of Time

The kids are enjoying some of the archery and nature classes.

This is the town of Ponca, population 1062. Nice people here, oddly enough this is rush hour.

This is where we got out groceries and did our laundry

One thing we’ve learned from the campgrounds that don’t have water hookups at your site is that it all comes down to who has the longest hose!

It’s a ruff life out here on the road, all the campfires, grilling out, beautiful scenery. :)
Life Is Good……

Here’s our campsite

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