Saturday, May 16, 2009

Who is the most famous person from Corbin Kentucky?

Colonel Harland Sanders, of course! We made our way to the birth place of Kentucky Fried Chicken today.

Here is a replica of the original restaurant, which we were able to have lunch at!

This is a model of the original restaurant, motel and service station.

I like these prices!

The kitchen – Col Sanders had all the walls and floors painted white, and had window opening inside the restaurant so customers could see how clean the kitchen was.

He also had a model motel room so the woman of a family could inspect and decide if their family would stay at his motel.


  1. I completely envy you guys! Ya'll are giving your children the best gift you could ever well as to yourselves. We did the next best thing and packed up and bought a house in Franklin.

  2. Wonderful! Thank you for keeping me in the loop all this time. Now I am a follower (I didn't sign in before because I could not find my password!). The pictures are wonderful, but the best think is what the boys are receiving, hands-on education!