Monday, December 6, 2010

Amazon Elves, Campbellsville Kentucky

We’ve been working at for 5 weeks now. The fulfillment center is huge! The building is about a mile long and has 4 floors inside for storing everything and anything you can order off the internet. Jane & I work as stowers, once a product is received we take it and try and find a place to store it. As soon as we stow it, it becomes available online. Amazon has 1200 regular employees and starting in October thru December they hire on an additional 3000 employees, AKA Amazon Elves! We obviously can’t take pictures of the inside, but this place would put Santa's workshop to shame!

All the trucks waiting to be unloaded


  1. This looks like a great idea / option for some seasonal work. I currently work FT, my husband works PT. We're planning to hit the road next Fall, but I'm still working out how we'll earn a living. Do you have any resources you could suggest?

    Also, we have a 1yo daughter and will hopefully have an infant by then, too!

  2. We use to find campground jobs. The pay isn't has much when working in a campground, but you get a free place to stay while you work! Amazon found us on workamper, their pay is better and they also paid for the campground.

  3. Thanks so much for answering (here and on my blog) as well as for adding me. I've been amazed by how many families I've found living this dream! It really is just so encouraging!

    With a newborn by the next Amazon season, we may try for that the following year. I bet those funds can really last you! 11 hour days... for how many days per week?

    (I'll check back here for updates.)

  4. Full time works 4, 10 hour days and part time work 3, 10 hour days. 3 weeks are so before Christmas they start asking for overtime. You can work 11 hour days 5 days a week.

  5. Thanks for answering questions for me! I hadn't even thought about them having multiple locations, either. I'm excited at the prospect!

    Do they work rotating shifts? If we both worked 10 hour shifts, we would have to alternate. Our little ones are too little to leave "home" alone.