Tuesday, December 14, 2010

HEY Waterboy, You’re fired!

Amazon gave us our walking papers, December 17th is our last official day as Elves! We will have to spend the rest of the year as normal people. :) No more 11 hour days, working thru the night. It’ll be tough, but we’ll manage. Here are a few photos of where we’ve been living the last 2 months at Indian Ridge campground. We’ll miss the free pool table and basketball court, but not the weather! It’s been below average cold this year, lows in the single digits, highs in the 20’s and 35 mph wind gusts have almost frozen everything we own. The trailer is sucking down propane like hot chocolate.

Next stop Norfolk, Virginia! Home for the holidays, I can almost smell the Smithfield Ham cooking. Just a short 650 mile drive (dang) and we’re there! To borrow another line from Jerry Reed, the only thing better than a good ham dinner is two good ham dinners!

Happy Holidays! That means Merry Christmas!

This is our site, with a view off the ridge

Here's looking into our site

With all the snow we've been doing some down hill sledding

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  1. Found your blog through the "Family Finder" via the fulltimefamilies.com website.

    We just wanted to stop by and say hello. Happy Holidays from our family to yours. Enjoy your time away from those 11 hour shifts! {{hugs}}