Thursday, October 8, 2009

Craters of the Moon National Park. Arco, Idaho

The snow storm wasn’t as bad as the NWS predicted, so we headed out from the Grand Tetons to Craters of the Moon NP. The roads were clear thru the mountain passes and the wind wasn’t that bad.

It was a little hard finding a camping spot due to all the snow, but we managed to get into one.

The awesome effects of volcanism are evident throughout Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve. Over the past 15,000 years, lava eruptions created a rugged but scenic landscape that has forced animals and plants to adapt, and people to endure, detour, or ponder. Located on the Snake River Plain, a volcanic terrain spanning southern Idaho, the Monument and Preserve encompasses the Great Rift volcanic rift zone. In places, this plain is 60 miles wide, with basalt lava deposits over 10,000 feet deep in some locations. Eruptions 2,000 years ago at the Craters of the Moon and the Wapi lava fields are among the most recent volcanic activity to take place anywhere in this immense geographic area.

We decided to try a hike to one of the craters, the trails aren’t marked very well here. We hiked for a while till we couldn’t tell if we were just wandering thru the snow or not. We finally turned around and headed back.

Jane checking the map, white paper with a black line. Well, we found the white part of the map, now if we could find the black line. :)

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