Friday, October 2, 2009

Harney Peak, SD

We haven’t been able to post anything lately, we’ve been in some real remote areas. We’re in Victor Idaho now, exploring the Grand Teton National Park. Our service ended in South Dakota so we headed out to Theodore Roosvelt NP in North Dakota, Glacier NP in Montana, Yellow Stone NP in Wyoming and now Idaho. We have a whole bunch of blog to catch up on. We have internet access for a short time here, so we are going to try and get caught up as much as we can. We’re starting with the last thing we did in South Dakota, hiking to Harney Peak! Harney Peak is an old fire watch tower and the only way there is to hike or ride on horse back. We hiked it!! Dang… We hiked up the south side then down through the Needles.

In the background is Hill City, several mountains behind that was our two campgrounds we managed. Now you know why we could never get a signal on our cell phone.

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