Friday, October 2, 2009

Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota

Theodore Roosvelt National Park, North Dakota. If you like wild Buffalo and wild horses, this is the place for you! You wake up in the morning and can’t get out of your trailer because you’re surrounded by Buffalo. What a cool way to start your day!!
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Look carefully to the right of mama Buffalo. Baby Buffalo is following close behind!
This is the Little Missouri River. Our campground was down on the left in the trees.

Looking for signs of wildlife around the river.

This is one of the biggest prairie dog towns we’ve seen yet. Football fields full of 'em!
Incredible little critters…..

The kids voted this the best ever playground! In Medora, ND right outside Teddy Roosevelt National Park, it's like a miniature old west town.
Wild horses couldn’t drag us away……………….
We found Mr. T'ed' and he invited us down for a drink!

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