Monday, October 12, 2009

Seattle, Washington

We went to Seattle today. The first stop after trying to park our over sized truck in a mini car city was the famous Space Needle. We only admired it from the ground, the admittance was over $50 to ride to the top. Forget about eating there it’s even worse.

After walking 5 miles, we figured out that all the inter city buses are free to ride. They have some really cool buses that run on electric and are stretched out. We got to ride the monorail, it runs from the retail section to the Space Needle.

We went to the famous Public Market. This was in the movie “Sleepless in Seattle”. The fresh vegetables, fruits and seafood were incredible.

Check these out!!!

We stopped at the “World Famous Pike Place Fish Market” and got to watch them throw fish.

Giant piggy bank!

We walked along the piers, and checked out the waterfront.

Robbie was shocked to find out the real truth about Bigfoot!

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